Friday, November 25, 2011

A black morning after

Another Borg Conspiracy Grand Slam Homer!

Today is the much awaited and much ballyhooed 'Black Friday.' The one day of the year that is supposed to be permissible shopping insanity. But as with everything else in American culture, if you can do it tomorrow, you can probably do it today. So may retailers began their black Friday shop fest the night before.

Much was the same nationally it appears as it was here in west Georgia last night and today. Crowds of up to a thousand reported at area stores awaiting the kickoff to seasonal sales for this holiday season. Luckily, we haven't had any reported confrontations or assaults like are being reported elsewhere around the nation this morning.

I waited until well after daylight this morning and then proceeded to make my one outing to obtain a few things for my fur kids at our location PetSmart. Thinking that most of the insanity would be focused elsewhere, it turned out that my read was correct and I easily got in and out of the store with the things that I was interested in buying. Apparently, the run on cat litter and dog food ended well before I got there this morning, so i was able to get what I wanted and be gone in short order.

While driving home from my outing this morning it struck me, that I would not have weathered a frigid night in a parking lot for all the tea in China, or for some flat screen TV or ipad for that matter. But I will weather a cold hundred mile ride in winter to honor a fallen soldier, or sailor or airman or Marine.

I guess that is where the real deal exists for me. I cannot see standing in a line on a freezing morning just to get my hands on some toy or gizmo, but I can stand in a flag line for hours to honor the life of someone who's service affords me the ability to live my life in peace and freedom.

So the next time you hear all the bupkus about holiday shopping and racing around to get deals, try to remember what the real deal is or should be. I only wish as many people as have turned out for the morning after shopping frenzy, would one day find it in their heart to turn out to honor our heroes and their families when they come home.

Semper Fi.....

Semper Fi indeed Marine!

xtnyoda, shalomed

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