Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Belated Veterans Day Comment

A Belated Veterans Day Comment

I’ve waited until the day after Veterans Day to make my comment.

As a veteran myself, that served our nation during a time of war, and on the field of war. A veteran that fought and held the head of men dying in their own blood, who saw the last breath leave their bodies, that heard their last word, ‘Momma,’ that knew them personally, that knew their hopes and dreams, and weaknesses, and fears, and cried unashamedly when they lost life. (And still do at times.)

I have a few thoughts.

Do you think they fought and died so you can live a life of ease and luxury? Do you think they fought and died so you can whine and moan about feeling underprivileged, taken advantage of, feeling victimized, entitled to lives of excess for every pleasure you think you deserve?

If so, you honor them not. So next year, on Veterans Day, instead of your hollow words and symbols of gratitude, just go to your local Veterans Cemetery, and stand by a grave, and spit on it.

You want to ‘honor’ a veteran? Make something of you life, something that will actually benefit some other human being. Don’t live a life filled with selfish dreams and goals and ambitions, but dedicate your life to the advancement of others. That is what distinguishes the sacrifice of a veteran.

You want to honor a veteran … go and do likewise. Then we will feel honored, even though that is not why we served. We served because it was our duty.

xtnyoda, shalomed

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