Friday, September 02, 2011

Presidential alarming of children

Now ... the President of the United States of America ... has joined the ranks of those pushing the propaganda of "man made climate change" (anthropogenic global warming) ... down the throats of children.

President Barack Obama told Scholastic News Kid Reporters during a TV interview that one of the "greatest challenges facing" their generation is “climate change.”

"Another big challenge that your generation is going to face is the environmental challenge,” Obama stated, after citing the economy as another big issue. The interview was conducted by Scholastic News kid reporters as part of the new program on the “Challenges Facing America's Youth.”

Obama explained: “There are some big challenges around climate change. The temperature of the planet is getting warmer because of the pollution that we are sending up in the air, the carbon that we are releasing.” He added: “That is something we are going to have to really focus on.”...

Obama also claimed that man-made global warming was “causing changing weather patterns.” "In places like Florida you may be more vulnerable to hurricanes, in other areas we have seen more drought,” he explained.

“We have got to get started dealing with this issue. and we have to make sure your generation finds better ways to use energy more efficiently so that we are not sending out as much pollution into the air and that is something we are going to have to really focus on," Obama added....

This is a sad day in American history.

xtnyoda, shalomed

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