Sunday, August 28, 2011

Climate deniers are racists

From the Borg Conspiracy

So says Al Gore. Amazing isn't it. He talks about 'winning the argument' in this interview, but he has been losing his argument steadily and he knows it. So he has moved on to the most common last stand tactic of all liberals once they have exhausted their shouting points.

They attack the personal character of their opposition with ad hominen. Suddenly, 'climate deniers' are racist according to Gore. So, how long before they also become Nazi's. Gore labors through his analogies of attack, by attempting to demonize his opposition with the same old tactics.

"This is different, this is an organized effort to attack the scientific community. and to slander them with the lies, that they are slanting the statistics in order to make money." (the exact same accusations that he and the climate change hustlers use against their opposition.) This man has no shame. No more so than any liberal hell bent on forcing their reality on others, regardless of history or facts or truth.

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