Wednesday, May 11, 2011

More Global Warming Child Abuse

You know a "movement" is in serious trouble ... and they know they are in serious trouble ... when they start using children to attempt to accomplish what they could not accomplish .... even with multiple millions of tax payer dollars to fund their failed efforts.

From "What's Up With That?
Failing to make his case, James Hansen uses children as legal pawns
Posted on May 10, 2011 by Anthony Watts

From LiveScience, another reason for NASA to fire Jame Hansen now:

Here’s the basis for his actions in a nutshell:
If carbon dioxide emissions aren’t reduced in time, the Earth will pass a tipping point with irreversible, catastrophic consequences, including the disintegration of ice sheets and large-scale extinction of species, according to the scientific analysis Hansen provided to the lawsuit.

I think Dr. Hansen has lost it. Earth has had higher CO2 concentrations several times in its history and it didn’t head to runaway roasting. So far, this all hinges on positive feedbacks, and there doesn’t seem to be much conclusive evidence for it. Here’s what Pielke Sr. has to say about CO2 as a control knob for Earth’s climate system.

Read Dr. Hansen’s latest non peer reviewed paper where he justifies to himself the use of kids as legal pawns here:

The Case for Young People and Nature: A Path to a Healthy, Natural, Prosperous Future

Thank you Mr. Watts for bringing this to our attention.

xtnyoda, shalomed

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