Tuesday, April 05, 2011

Wearing lots of slogans

A fashion designer in women's apparel is emphatic that we are destroying the earth ... and says that we need to 'inform' ourselves?
Designer Vivienne Westwood has something she is even more passionate about than her punky fashion.

“I try to use my voice to tell people of the danger of climate change, we are an endangered species. Within one generation, Los Angeles will be uninhabitable if people don’t do something about it ... The most important thing is for people to inform themselves, because when you inform yourself your behavior changes. All we’ve got is public opinion to help to do something about this. I just try to wear lots of slogans and open my mouth whenever I can.”

Only one generation and L.A will be population-less? Really?
Myron Ebell, Director, Center for Energy and Environment at the Competitive Enterprise Institute in Washington D.C doesn’t think Westwood’s predictions are that far-fetched, but he doesn't blame glabal warming.

“Los Angeles is in danger of becoming uninhabitable within one generation if Californians allow your elected officials to keep pursuing global warming policies designed to raise energy prices, destroy jobs, and make people poorer,” he said. “Global warming is a potential minor problem. California’s global warming laws do nothing to address global warming, but will enrich special interests at the price of killing California’s economy.” ....

Now which person sounds more informed to you ... Myron Ebell or Vivienne Westwood?

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