Thursday, January 06, 2011

Really Good Out of Canada

Here is an encouraging study out of Canada about Canadian snipers serving in Afghanistan... they like their job... feel enriched by their job... as snipers.

National Post article
Canadian snipers who have served in Afghanistan report being less traumatized by the war than the average soldier, according to a study that offers a rare glimpse into the minds of Canada’s battle-hardened troops.

Rather than expressing regret, snipers say they feel justified in killing enemies who pose a threat to Canadian troops and Afghan civilians. Moreover, most show high levels of career satisfaction and say their job has been a positive influence in their lives....

.... In his initial study, Lt.-Col. Bradley interviewed 19 snipers who had served in Afghanistan and had been back to Canada for at least six months. Most had killed someone in combat... the snipers he interviewed showed little remorse, with one-third saying they had no feelings about killing, because they were just doing their job.

“Snipers are top soldiers and weakness is not consistent with the sniper image.”

Now I know that some folks might find this report... upsetting... however... when you know that someone is planning to kill you or your fellow warriors... you really don't mind killing them first.... you can even feel good about it... without regret.

xtnyoda, shalomed

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