Saturday, January 08, 2011

The MSM just can't help themselves.

Yahoo news report
San Francisco leaders pick Asian-American as mayor (AP)

SAN FRANCISCO – City supervisors on Friday overwhelmingly backed City Administrator Edwin Lee to be the interim mayor, a move that could lead to San Francisco's first Asian-American leader.


"It's crystal clear now that Ed Lee will become mayor," Newsom said Friday. "Unless people start flipping, the core six (votes) will be here."

If confirmed, the 58-year-old Lee would become the first Chinese-American to lead the city, which is more than one-third Asian. The board was expected to take up the issue Tuesday.

"The Chinese community in San Francisco has never had this opportunity before," said Supervisor John Avalos. "It's very, very meaningful."

Newsom called Friday's decision an "extraordinary moment.".....

Do you catch the biased and provocative nature of this story?

Asian-American. Now just what is an Asian-American that is different from a... Latin-American, or African-American? I know... you've heard this all before... but... the continued reason for these artificial distinctions between Americans is purely for the sake of bigotry. "Bigotry" you ask? Yes... Bigotry.

Now... for all that read this AP article... this man will forever be judged on his effectiveness as Mayor by the "fact" that he is "Asian."

This is going on with our president right now... and the MSM is playing the theme to the hilt... for you see... our president is going to go down as one of the least effective presidents in American history... and the story will be it was because he was "Black" that he failed miserably... when in fact he has failed because he is a flaming political "progressive."

The MSM liberal progressives will have their story and will have created more and greater walls of separation between Americans. The exact opposite of what progressives preach... and they do it on purpose because the liberal progressives are the most prejudiced and biased people on planet earth.

They use these "class" and "race" distinctions... and the people they lump into these distinctions... like whores.

It's time for Americans to wake up to the sham of the "Political Progressive."

xtnyoda, shalomed

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Blogger Locutisprime said...

There is no place for hyphenated Americans in my world view.

7:49 PM  

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