Sunday, October 03, 2010

UHHH OHHH... someone has let the cat out of the bag.

In a 2008 epidemiology update it has actually been acknowledged that AIDS is actually at general epidemic stage in Washington DC...

... and truth be known... this same reality is true in our entire nation... not to mention that in some African Nations... such as Uganda... it is estimated that the AIDS virus affects some 80% of their adult population.

Has anyone heard that AIDS is actually a world wide pandemic? This should be shouted from the roof tops.

Washington Post article
D.C. brings HIV testing to the crowd at the DMV

Starting Tuesday, getting tested for HIV in the District will be as easy as renewing a driver's license.

In what District officials say is the first effort of its kind in the nation, the city will partner with a nonprofit group to offer free HIV testing at the Department of Motor of Vehicles office in Penn Branch in Southeast Washington. Participants will receive up to $15 to help defray their DMV costs.

The year-long project would be another way to reach residents in a city where a 2008 epidemiology update concluded that 3 percent of the population had HIV/AIDS. That is well above the 1 percent considered to be a general epidemic, advocates for prevention and city officials said.....

AIDS is actually the world's first politically protected pandemic.

This is a heart breaking and crushing quagmire of political madness. And... we are told to trust government to govern health care?

Tell the truth... call it what it is... a pandemic... and treat it as such. Millions and millions and millions are dying every year.

xtnyoda, shalomed

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