Friday, October 22, 2010

The Cats Out The Bag

Guess What!

The Illegal Insurgent/Immigrant insiders are letting it out of the bag that the president of the United States has a new "strategy" for making illegals... legal... without the consent of Congress... or Americans.

Keep in mind... this is from the insiders of the left... the cats out of the bag.

Phoenix Examiner
Proposed Dream Act will now include a wider group of migrants

Phoenix, Arizona—Chicanos Unidos Arizona has learned that Democrats will try and push through immigration reform before the likely takeover of the House by Republicans in January. An activist in Harry Reid's camp has sent us a proposed revised version of the Dream Act... It will include amnesty for a wider group of immigrants than previously thought....

..... Gina Gallagos, an Arizona La Raza political activist who has had several meetings with Obama’s administration, tells us that if Obama can’t get this legislation voted on, he has a “backdoor” amnesty planned that will be both legal, ethical, and fair. “Obama has made immigration reform one of the main issues of his campaign. He will not let Latinos down.”

OK... Mr. President... inquiring minds wish to know... just what is your "backdoor" amnesty plan?

xtnyoda, shalomed

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