Wednesday, October 20, 2010

30,000 people line up today desperately attempting to sign up for government subsidized housing... 30,000 people... that is staggering to consider... 30 thousand people...

... and it wasn't in some 3rd world country... it was actually in... Atlanta, Georgia.

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Housing crisis reaches full boil in East Point; 62 injured

Thirty thousand people turned out
in East Point on Wednesday seeking applications for government-subsidized housing, and their confusion and frustration, combined with the summer heat, led to a chaotic mob scene that left 62 people injured.

At the Tri-Cities Plaza Shopping Center, emergency vehicles passed each other, transporting 20 people to hospitals. Medical and police command posts were set up on scene. East Point police wore riot gear. Officers from four other agencies supported them......

We hear about the civil unrest in many European countries... wake up America... we have been led to the very brink of massive civil disobedience.

We need the supplications of the People of Yahweh... on behalf on His Great Name... to avert the coming hysteria.

xtnyoda, shalomed



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