Sunday, August 29, 2010

Standing By Michael Mann

This is one of the absolutely funniest "news" stories that I have ever seen in my entire life...

The irony in this report is... gorgeous... esp. as it is written by Dr. Mann supporters and believers.

Read the Hook
Standing by Mann: Small but punchy protest blasts Cuccinelli’s ‘climategate’ inquest

As global temperatures rise, so does Charlottesville’s profile in a worldwide debate. Two events last Friday highlighted the anger and frustration felt on both sides as Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli continues his quest to peek at the early musings of Michael Mann, the former UVA climate professor and creator of the doomsday-invoking “hockey stick graph.”

“Ken Cuccinelli wants to take away the most precious things we can leave to the next generation: a healthy environment and a healthy and strong university. Don’t let the history books read, ‘When climate scientist Michael Mann was ignored, the planet burned up.’”

So said Ryan McElveen. The 2008 UVA graduate had been hoping that at least 50 people would appear for the protest he launched with some emails and flyers.... just two students and two professors rallied with him on the marble steps of the UVA Rotunda....

OK... Mr. Mann... you have 5 supporters.

Now... this is a major news story that is obviously in "support" of Michael Mann... and when you get to the nub of the story... there are only 5 supporters... including the dude that "organized" the rally in support of Mr. Mann...?

Hang on a moment... I'll be able to get off the floor pretty soon... I hope...

xtnyoda, shalomed



Anonymous Shifty1 said...

And one of those students was only there cuz his girlfriend threatened to cut off the lovin' if he didn't go....

11:31 PM  
Blogger XtnYoda said...


God Bless you shifty

1:20 PM  

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