Saturday, August 28, 2010

Spiritual Awakening Compelled on The Mall

Spiritual Awakening signs are appearing on every hand.

Daily Caller article
In front of historic crowd on the Mall, Beck makes plea for spiritual renewal and self-government

A crowd estimated to be around 300,000 gathered on the national Mall Saturday for a three-hour rally led by Fox News personality Glenn Beck, who held largely true to his promise to keep the event nonpolitical and instead conducted something of an old-style religious revival meeting that meandered between calls for moral renewal, racial unity, self-government, and support for the U.S. military....

The Beck rally was a mixture of religion, public relations and political philosophy. After predicting the beginning of another Great Awakening at a Kennedy Center event on Friday night, Beck strode back and forth across the massive but Spartan white stage set, keeping his rhetoric long on motivational generalities but short on specifics....

“If we want our country to survive, we must begin to look within ourselves,” Beck said. “To restore America we must restore ourselves.”...

... “America is great because America is good … America is only what we choose her to be, we as individuals must be good so America can be great,” he said. “We’ve grown tired. We’ve grown weak. We’re dividing ourselves. There is growing hatred in the country. We must be better than what we’ve allowed ourselves to become. We must get the poison of hatred out of us. No matter what anyone might say or do, no matter what anyone smears or lies or throws our way … we must look to God and look to love.”....

Over 1,000 buses and untold numbers of personal vehicles journey to the Washington Mall. Glen Beck leads a 3 hour awakening call to America.

Reported attendance of over 300,000 by the Washington authorities.

Good job America. Thanks Glen for stirring the pot.

God is moving... and He will not be stopped.

xtnyoda, shalomed



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