Thursday, August 12, 2010

A new Pew Hispanic study is reporting that in the last couple of years we have come to the point where 1 out of every 15 children born in the US are born to at least one parent that is here illegally.

I think this should be a little food for thought...

Estimate: 1 US Kid in 15 Born to an Illegal Immigrant
Arizona Daily Star

PHOENIX – About one out of every 15 children in the United States was born to a family in which at least one parent is in this country illegally, according to a new report issued today. And 80 percent of those 5.1 million children – including 340,000 born in just 2008 – are citizens because they were born in the United States, the Pew Hispanic Center concluded. According to some, that makes them “anchor babies” for their illegal parents.

The figures, which the organization calculated based on 2009 U.S. Census Bureau estimates, are the best estimates to date of the scope of the issue, which has resulted in calls to amend the U.S. Constitution to deny automatic citizenship to children solely by virtue of their birth in this country....

This report is demonstrating for us just how real the issue of illegal immigration truly is in this country. This also demonstrates why congress is starting to talk about amending the right of a child born on our soil to automatically be a citizen of our nation.

Whatever congress comes up with it is obvious that this vital issue is not going to just go away.

xtnyoda, shalomed

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