Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Borg Conspiracy explains...

The Gingrich polemic

Recently former speaker of the house Newt Gingrich has severely rankled the waist coats of many liberal toadies and their atheist brethren, by speaking of the historical comparisons of Muslim actions of the past and their actions of present as it concerns the proposed 9/11 mosque in New York city.

It seems there are a bevy of leftist bloggers who have taken the former history professor to task and united in their efforts to see that history is once again portrayed the way that they want it to be observed and perceived. There certainly isn't anything new in that approach by the left. The re-writing and twisting of history seems to be one of the mainstays of liberal reality.

It is from time to time quite entertaining to watch and read the wailing and gnashing of teeth that goes on in the process of liberal denial. Especially when the thrust from the lance of truth and history has apparently stricken home on the left side of the isle.

As it presently is, the left has closed ranks to foist once again the time honored argument, that Newt's comparisons of present day Islamic intentions to the historical record in Cordoba Spain, are just so much hodge podge and mish mash of the true history of Islam over the past 1600 years.

There are certainly those who would like the average smuck to believe once again that the only real fear of Islam that is credibly justified, is that of some miniscule band of rebel militants that comprises some infinitesimal fraction of the whole. The liberal left would much rather be content with the continued (rather obvious lie) that all Muslims are peace loving moderates.

The interesting thing about these leftist attacks and something that I always find the most interesting at their core, is that those most frequently leading the charge against Christian moral perspectives and regaling the virtues of Islam (almost without exception) are almost always atheist.

These secular atheist attacks are very similar in socially argumentative construct, to the equally questionable practice of large portions of the lesbian population always being in the forefront of pro-abortion arguments and attacks against the Christian pro-life majority at every turn as it concerns abortion in America.

I am puzzled. What is it about Christianity that so angers the atheist left? They certainly don't seem to have a problem with any other religion on this planet, only with the practices and the teachings of Christianity. Certainly it couldn't rest on the ubiquitous reality that Christians are opposed to homosexuality as a sin. Certainly our leftist brethren know and understand the connotations of what would happen to homosexuals everywhere, if Islam were to become the predominant religion of any western nation. One look at how the subject is treated in their own midst in the middle east should answer that.

Yet liberals proceed daily with their demonizations of conservative Christianity, while remaining in denial and completely oblivious to the realities taught and practiced in Islam as it concerns homosexuality.
Could it also be that the left completely misses that reality combined with the fact that Islam treats women worse than 3rd rate chattel?

I for one don't happen to believe that the highly educated in this country can be so stupid or so ignorant of either history or reality, as to not be aware of the true representations of Islam on these two counts. Therefore, there remains only one explanation for their actions. The left is so committed to it's hatred of Christianity and America as a nation founded upon Christian principles, that they will do anything to destroy both. And that includes sawing off the limbs of institution, history, culture and moral right, from underneath their own feet and ultimately destroying themselves in the process.

A once simple commentary appearing in a comic strip of by gone Americana seems to sum it up best in my opinion....."We have met the enemy and he is us." And so it goes......the real enemies that confront this nation are many and deeply committed to their own theological domination of this nation and the world. But in our midst we also find the now well rooted seedlings of dissent that comprise the real beach head of infiltration in America by the Islamic east. We are meeting our enemies daily and as but one observer, I can honestly say that our own worst enemy is ourselves and those among us who are allowed by the freedoms of this nation to spread their hate and discontent while trumpeting their ideals as progressive.

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