Friday, August 13, 2010

Here is a series of 19 photos from our troops in Afghanistan with images from their daily lives.

A little reminder when we tend to complain about our "living conditions" here in America.

Photo collection

In Photos: American troops' daily life in Afghanistan
Dust-bowl camps. Dining in a quonset hut. Makeshift memorials for fallen comrades. Endless lines of tents, and Black Hawk helicopters parked in the dust.

For U.S. troops in Kandahar province in southern Afghanistan, the images of war are not just gunfights and patrols. They are also the daily scenes of camp living: Family photographs and flags, wash basins and laundry stacks, or the ever-present air-conditioners, helping to blunt the scorching heat. The Associated Press's Rodrigo Abd offers a soldier's-eye view of mundane existence in a war zone — a set of still lifes amid the violence, each day of their deployment.

Go take a look at all 19 photos... then thank God for our all volunteer force in the throws of our world wide struggle against tyranny and terrorism.

They serve in the highest traditions of our fighting forces for freedom.


xtnyoda, shalomed

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