Monday, July 12, 2010

Joe Bastardi at accuweather continues to try and get the truth out about the coming global cooling... a global cooling that is going to being tragedy and suffering.

And... governments around the world continue to hype 'global warming' to the harm of their citizens.

NOAA Forecasts Great “Drastic” Cooling!
Joe Bastardi here gives us a heads-up on what the planet has in store for us in the months ahead, warning:
…wait till you global temp watchers get a load of what is coming.

Joe is just using the NOAA’s own data. Look at the NOAA’s projection for the months ahead.
You can find this chart: NOAA here

Take a good look at surface temps at the poles for early next year. It’s no wonder Joe has been predicting massive Arctic sea ice recovery starting next year, and adds:
I mean both poles cold and then 75% of the earth under normal? Geez, I know there is cooling that is going to go on, but this is a bit drastic.

If it’s the almighty climate models that are the reason to keep forecasting warm, and they are showing this kind of crash ( such an event could take the running 13 month temp of the earth next year to -.2 or -.3…as this La Nina, low solar cycle and cumulative volcanic activity means business, then things may be quicker than I thought.

Joe’s been predicting something like this for many months. Some people have been scoffing at his forecasts. Well now even the alarmist NOAA is confirming Joe’s forecast. I always say: If you need pretty good forecasts, then Go to Joe!
Again... the 'global warming' sham is all centered around the efforts of a few to profit off the masses of humanity... and this is the most pervasive effort to do so in the history of humanity... for it has truly been a world wide sham.

But... Yahweh is moving to shatter their golden calf... casting the pieces into the river... and the extortioners will be forced to drink the dregs... to their great displeasure.

xtnyoda, shalomed



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