Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Now.... talk about trying to find the silver lining in the brewing storm clouds for the progressives....

.... this is really working hard at finding the silver lining in the SCOTUS's decision yesterday to uphold the second amendment for legal Americans.

Democrats quietly cheer high court gun ruling

When the Supreme Court extended the individual right to own a gun Monday, it handed Second Amendment advocates — many of whom are at home in the GOP — one of their most significant legal victories ever.

But who won the day in politics? The Democrats.

For them, the court’s groundbreaking decision couldn’t have been more beneficial to the cause in November. Now, Democratic candidates across the map figure they have one less issue to worry about on the campaign trail. And they won’t have to defend Republican attacks over gun rights and an angry, energized base of gun owners.

“It removes guns as a political issue because everyone now agrees that the Second Amendment is an individual right, and everybody agrees that it’s subject to regulation,” said Lanae Erickson, deputy director of the culture program at centrist think tank Third Way....

I suppose we can give them their little sigh of relief... we'll take the 2nd Amendment.

xtnyoda, shalomed

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