Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Here's a fun little video from Sweden and their efforts to pacify Muslim radicals.

One just has to admire Lars Vilks for taking such strong stands for true freedom... freedom of speech.

And likewise... one must almost feel disdain for those who want to stifle free speech... yet want acceptance themselves... well... what they really want is ascendancy.

right side news
The latest in Muslim intolerance to free speech while demanding tolerance towards their faith. The full length clip shocking Lars Vilks being attacked at a University in Sweden by radical muslims simply for showing a portrayal of muhammad onscreen. This is the latest in muslim intolerance just after the recent south park episode and muhammad cartoons as of late.

When I watched this video yesterday my concern was that given Sweden's leftist deathwish, the people who will end up getting punished for this assault are the policemen who tried to restrain the Muslim students from killing Vilks.

By the way... such events are coming to an area near you.

EDIT: If you will look closely at the 30 second mark you will see the person in the orange hooded coat that is wrestling with the guards... you will see him hit himself in the face and turn away bent over. He does this to himself as the guard clearly has his arm extended just trying to hold the person away.

In other reports it was said that one of the attackers got his glasses broken... well... he did it himself... to himself... thats what these people are trained to do.

EDIT #2:
I was wrong about the above assessment... if you will notice the second officer to the right of the rioter... she clearly has some sort of a spray mechanism in her hand and sprays the rioter toward his face. He then recoils away.

Thanks to oldwolves for spotting this error on my part.

xtnyoda, shalomed

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

If muslims kill Sweden artists, is it self defense to kill muslims?
When "prophet" mohammed was 50 he marry a 9 year old child so he was a fucking pedophile and a slave owner.
Watch and read mohammed T-shirt art from Sweden at,

2:00 PM  
Blogger XtnYoda said...

It is not self-defense unless someone is trying to kill your own person.

If someone is obviously trying to kill someone else you may defend the one attempting to be killed in a case like this one... even to the point of using deadly force if necessary.

8:20 PM  

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