Monday, June 15, 2009

England is finally getting the right idea.

Now... if we would just place one of these manure collection/treatment/energy units under the Congress Building in Washington DC... we'd have enough of the stuff each and every day to supply all our nation's energy requirements for 100 years for each and every day's collection... so... it's about 480 days till the next election... so... that should give us enough energy for the next... what... 48,000 years?


Manure to fill gas grid

Manchester's toilets will soon be contributing to the local gas network under a green energy project planned by United Utilities Group Plc and National Grid Plc.

In a UK first, the two companies plan to turn a by-product of the wastewater treatment plant at Davyhulme in Manchester, northwest England into gas for the local network and fuel for a fleet of sludge tankers.

The Mancunian biogas will be upgraded to remove carbon dioxide and trace elements, leaving biomethane which will be conditioned with propane and odorants before being pumped into the network and back into their homes.....

48,000 years... hummmm... nice run for the new conservative movement that is swelling... and I ain't talking about methane.

XtnYoda, shalomed


Blogger Jeremy said...

I can feel it coming in the air tonight......ole Lord.

and the thunder rolls....

11:57 PM  

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