Saturday, March 12, 2011

Yup, Global Warming Caused the Quake

It was just a matter of time before they made the connection .... took as long as it took them to get their IPhones out of their pockets ....

Daily Caller
Some respond to Japan earthquake by pointing to global warming

Hours after a massive earthquake rattled Japan, environmental advocates connected the natural disaster to global warming. The president of the European Economic and Social Committee, Staffan Nilsson, issued a statement calling for solidarity in tackling the global warming problem.

“Some islands affected by climate change have been hit,” said Nilsson. “Has not the time come to demonstrate on solidarity — not least solidarity in combating and adapting to climate change and global warming?”

“Mother Nature has again given us a sign that that is what we need to do,” he added ....

The extensive research that went into coming to these conclusions is .... well it is ... uh .... non-existent.

Too, too funny.

xtnyoda, shalomed



Blogger Prime said...

I often wonder, just how many channels those tin foil hats will pick up. and are they in HD?

These people are amazing.....

7:39 PM  

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