Saturday, December 11, 2010

It Is Not Winter Yet #2

Once again... prepare...

Accuweather Storm Warning
Major Snowstorm This Weekend in the Midwest, Great Lakes

A major storm will bring heavy snow and strong winds to the Great Lakes and parts of the Midwest northeastward into portions of neighboring Canada this weekend....

Travel in much of the region will be extremely dangerous especially as strong winds develop on the backside of the storm producing widespread blowing and drifting snow....

....That being said, if you have travel plans to or through Chicago, Indianapolis, Detroit, Cleveland, Columbus, Cincinnati, Buffalo, Pittsburgh, Toronto, or Ottawa this weekend on the ground or by air, expect problems from snow, wind, icy roads, and low visibility at times.

Great global misery continues to crash down on arrogant Man's head... all the while Man continues to insist that Man can control the climate.

Great sorrow comes on the winds of God's Judgment against such human hubris.

Pray for the awakening to arise in the human heart.

xtnyoda, shalomed



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