Saturday, October 09, 2010

The following tactical mission by ICE must have been beautiful to behold.... 800 law enforcement agents swooping down....

FOX story
Massive Human Smuggling Ring Busted in Arizona

More than 800 law enforcement agents swooped down on a massive human smuggling ring in Arizona Thursday, delivering what Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials called a "serious blow" to a criminal network that helped shuttle illegal immigrants all around the U.S.

Thursday's strike is the largest coordinated action ever led by ICE, which partnered with eight other federal, state and local agencies to arrest 47 suspects in Phoenix, Tucson, Nogales and Rio Rico, Arizona.

"Alien smugglers are a scourge," ICE Assistant Secretary John Morton said. "They violate our borders ... [and] profit at our expense by knowingly breaking our laws, day in and day out. Today we turned the tables on the smugglers."....

All the while our Federal Justice System is suing Arizona for attempting to protect herself from the very same criminals.

Perhaps this is a sign of a new effort on the part of our federal government to actually work to protect our states from these insurgent forces? Here's hoping.

xtnyoda, shalomed



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