Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Will you join with us this weekend for a time of prayer... for our vulnerable children?

Christian Web News article
Weekend of Prayer for Vulnerable Children

This weekend, all around the world millions of Christians are expected to unite in prayer for vulnerable children.

The is the fifteenth year of World Weekend of Prayer, an initiative of Viva, an international charity serving at-risk children.

At last years event over two million people took part. Viva hopes to have even better success this year.

The weekend is part of its wider work to raise awareness of the plight of children who are in situations of suffering.

“The point of the weekend is to put the focus back onto the child, praying both for and with children,” said Viva’s chief executive Patrick McDonald.

“We need to call out to God on behalf of those without families, without homes, without education, without a hope for the future. And there are many ways in which we can do that.”

Some churches in the UK are marking the weekend by making the plight of children their focus on Sunday during services and some are hosting child-friendly interactive prayer times.

Hundreds of children in Kampala, Uganda are taking part in a prayer march through the city to raise awareness about child rights.

For the last for months, Viva has mobilized more people in prayer for children. It's 'Got a minute?' campaign asks adults to commit to spending one minute, that's just 60 seconds, in their daily praying for vulnerable children across the world.

Mr. McDonald hopes the prayers will add up and bring about a lasting change for children.

“If every person involved takes a minute to pray, just one minute out of a whole weekend, that could mean two million minutes – that’s equal to more than three and a half year’s worth of prayer devoted to children at risk.

“When we stand together and pray with one voice not only will our world sit up and take notice, but I believe our God will hear and respond.

“Our prayers over this weekend really do have the power to bring about change in the lives of thousands of vulnerable children. So get involved, stand with us – every prayer counts!”

I'm sure we are all aware that we seldom really know what a child's home life is like when they walk through our doors. For many our churches just might be the only place they experience love and acceptance.

May we love them... deeply.

xtnyoda, shalomed



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