Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Brian's Blast...
Tuesday, December 29th.

Recent Terror Attack fits the mold of staged event for more control.

Yes, this is a false flag attack to turn the public attention away from heath care debate and other legislation. The other side is to get you and I to give up our freedom's and liberty to the globalists in exchange for hard core liberty....

Ron Paul smells a rat and it's not pretty.

.... Ron Paul Says Agenda Behind Bombing Incident Is More War, More Attacks On Liberty

Congressman Ron Paul fears that the agenda behind the Flight 253 bombing incident is to expand the war on terror into Yemen while stripping Americans of more liberties, warning that it’s time people woke up and realized that the government cannot guarantee their safety.

The Congressman highlighted how the bombing attempt followed geopolitical turmoil in Yemen in the form of attacks in the country launched by the Saudis with the endorsement of the U.S. – and how sectors of the media and politicians were now calling for Yemen to be a new front in the war on terror as a consequence of the Christmas Day incident....
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Blogger Locutisprime said...

Ron is sharp as a tack when it comes to issues like the economy, but on this one? I am not so sure of his thesis.

I believe that the last thing that Obama wants is another war. And I don't think or believe that the "military industrial complex" has the means or ability to force him into one.

5:54 PM  

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