Thursday, September 09, 2010

Just in case you were wondering... xtnyoda has decided to share his opinion about the Florida "pastor" and congregation that is threatening to burn Korans on 9/11.


Yahoo news report
Even pastor’s old church condemns Quran-burning

It's increasingly looking as though the only spiritual or political figure who will not denounce Florida pastor Terry Jones' plan to commemorate Sept. 11 by burning copies of the Quran is Jones himself. Wednesday brings the news that even the church Jones founded in Germany in the 1980s is condemning the upcoming Quran-burning at his small place of worship in Gainesville, Fla.

"We are surprised and shocked at the extreme radicalism being displayed [by Jones] right now on this issue," Stephan Baar of the Christian Community of Cologne told the Associated Press.....

Does the bunch have the "right" to burn the books... of course they have the "right" to do so... but... this is clearly a provocative act on the part of a "Christian" congregation. This is NOT something that our God has told this "congregation" to do... quite the contrary.

These same people undoubtedly would be against the mosque being built near "ground-zero" because it is seen as an act of provocation... and I would agree 100%. Does the New York Muslim group have the "right" to build the mosque? Of course they do. Should they? Of course they should not... out of common decency.

This provocative act by the Florida group is doing what they would in fact condemn the New York Muslims for trying to do.

The pastor and church need to repent of their hateful and provocative intent... and they need to do it now.

xtnyoda, shalomed



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