Monday, June 21, 2010

The news today concerning the escalating conflict over Israel is sounding rather biblical in many ways...

Egypt refusing to bar Iranian ships from passing through the Suez Canal to head toward Gaza... yet now Egypt allows both American AND an Israeli ship to pass through the Canal reminds one of King Ahasuerus' dilemma... he had already ordered the destruction of the Jews due to Haman's trickery.... now the King has discovered the deceit... yet the King cannot retract his order for the Jews annihilation... HOWEVER... the King can and does issue a new order across the nation that gives the Jews the right and warning to defend themselves and permission to destroy their enemies.

That was the end of the hostilities.

Egypt has in effect given Israel and America permission to use the Suez Canal to attack Iran even though Egypt won't keep Iran out of the Canal.

Esther 8:11
"The king's edict gave the Jews in each and every city the right to assemble and defend themselves, to destroy, kill, and annihilate every ethnic and provincial army hostile to them..." (Holman Christian Standard Bible)

Israel National News
US, Israel Warships in Suez May Be Prelude to Faceoff with Iran

Egypt allowed at least one Israeli and 11 American warships to pass through the Suez Canal as an Iranian flotilla approaches Gaza. Egypt closed the canal to protect the ships with thousands of soldiers, according to the British-based Arabic language newspaper Al Quds al-Arabi.

One day prior to the report on Saturday, Voice of Israel government radio reported that the Egyptian government denied an Israeli request not to allow the Iranian flotilla to use the Suez Canal to reach Gaza,
in violation of the Israeli sea embargo on the Hamas-controlled area.

International agreements require Egypt to keep the Suez open even for warships, but the armada, led by the USS Truman with 5,000 sailors and marines, was the largest in years. Egypt closed the canal to fishing and other boats as the armada moved through the strategic passageway that connects the Red and Mediterranean Seas.

Despite Egypt’s reported refusal to block the canal to Iranian boats, the clearance for the American-Israeli fleet may be a warning to Iran it may face military opposition if the Iranian Red Crescent ship continues on course to Gaza.

The warships may exercise the right to inspect the Iranian boat for the illegal transport or weapons. Newsweek reported that Egyptian authorities could stop the ship for weeks, using technicalities such as requiring that any official documents be translated from Farsi into Arabic....

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