Wednesday, October 24, 2007

New Covenant Song 2

YahShua’s Incarnation, Emmanuel

1 Why would you rebel?
Why would you plan without God’s leading?

2 People want to be oh, so self-sufficient,
Longing to join hands and
Trying to prosper apart from Yahweh and our Messiah,

3 “We don’t want any limitations
And freedom without accountability is our desire!”

4 The One enthroned in heaven grieves,
Yahweh groans for them.

5 Now, Yahweh acts from heaven,
Reaching out to them with His great love.

6 “I send to you my Son,
Born, in a manger, in Bethlehem.”

7 Yahweh said to YahShua,
“You are my beloved Son;
I am so very proud of you!”

8 “My Son, I have heard your heart’s desire.
You will gain the hearts of many people
And they will admire you as you deserve.

9 You have won them by your blood.
Their hearts will break over your sacrifice of love.”

10 So now, all people please listen.
Please…receive God’s love for each and every one.

11 Relish in the love of God.
Rejoice with every fiber of your being.

12 Worship the Son, YahShua.
Don't grieve the precious Holy Spirit.
We would languish away
Apart from His favor
And bring grief to His heart.
Fully trusting YahShua
brings great peace of heart.

xtnyoda shalomed


Sunday, October 14, 2007

Song one
A project I've been dreaming of for a few years begins today. I have loved the Psalms for decades as a source for daily devotions. I have been thinking of sort of writing the Psalms as though they were written in a New Covenant context...In other words how the Psalms might sound under the graced teaching of YahShua(Jesus) instead of under the Law. The result would be something like New Covenant Songs.

There is no way I would rewrite scripture,nor try to correct anything in the sacred texts. This is simply a suggestion on how a born again child of the King might share the same emotions we experience in the Psalms of the Old Testament.

New Covenant Song 1

1 Oh, how much grace those have received
To not follow the opinions of the wicked,
Or stand in fellowship with sinners,
Or take up the bitterness of scoffers.

2 But the Spirit has given them a delight in following YahShua;
and Christ has kneaded His love into their hearts.

3 They are like trees rooted in living waters,
The Spirit’s gifts work mightily within them,
to the weary they are like shade on a hot day,
and God accomplishes much through their lives.

4 But this in not true of the graceless.
They are like useless hulls of wheat,
Scattered by the confusing passions of the present.

5 They will end up empty and wasted with desperate regrets.
A life lived apart from God’s graced children.

6 For Yahweh carefully leads each step of His people,
But the road of the graceless leads to despair.

xtnyoda shalomed


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